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Pepper Ball LifeLite, Survival Blog

Not all threats need to be met with lethal force, because sometimes a threat can be handled by less force. Today, we check out the Pepper Ball LifeLite.

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Good Morning America Reviews LifeLite for School Safety

PepperBall calls it a happy medium between arming teachers and leaving them defenseless during an active shooting incident on campus. The PepperBall® Protect Program ensures that meetings and assemblies remain safeguarded from outside threats.

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Range365: PepperBall LifeLite Gear Review

It’s always good to have options. When it comes to self-defense strategies, more options are always better – and a firearm isn’t always the best solution. Besides, in some places or situations, guns aren’t a viable option at all, so you might have to, or want to, resort to different non-lethal choices.

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Pew Pew Tactical Review: Pics+Videos

Want a non-lethal option that gives you distance and multiple strike capability?

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Tested: PepperBall LifeLite

PepperBall has developed an innovative, flexible OC pepper delivery system inspired by recreational paintball guns. Although PepperBall's pistol and rifle-shaped launchers have been available for military and law enforcement applications for years, the company has just started shipping the LifeLite personal-defense launcher designed specifically for civilian use.

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