Personal security

No one should be limited by fear. Whether you are preoccupied about personal safety or worried about the consequences of defending yourself, these concerns alone can rob you of the life you deserve. At PepperBall®, we believe you can re-gain control of your surroundings so you can live life on your own terms.



Made in the USA, the patented PepperBall is a hard plastic frangible (breakable) sphere, and is designed to burst immediately upon impact. PepperBall projectiles are more accurate, more consistent and disperse a larger cloud than competitive offerings.

PepperBall doesn’t just say it’s the best, we have the facts and scientific data to prove it. The PepperBall team of engineers, scientists, and craftsmen have spent decades developing the precision powder formulas and outer shells, and our extensive quality control and safety program includes full traceability of every single ingredient that we use in the manufacturing process. And, PepperBall® projectiles are devices are trusted and used by more than 10,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide to protect life while saving life.

Exclusive Discount

We appreciate those who give their time and skills to keep us safe and educated. We salute and thank you! The following groups are eligible to apply for and receive a $50 discount on our LifeLite®, MOBILETM and TCPTM Launchers. Single discount use only. May not be combined with other discounts.

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True stories re-told to protect the identities of those involved.