Personal security

No one should be limited by fear. Whether you are preoccupied about personal safety or worried about the consequences of defending yourself, these concerns alone can rob you of the life you deserve. At PepperBall®, we believe you can re-gain control of your surroundings so you can live life on your own terms.



The demand for PepperBall’s innovative, non-lethal protection continues to grow at a rapid pace. Developed in 1996 by a US military defense contractor for use in peace-keeping missions, PepperBall® devices are now used by more than 5,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide. For many departments, it has become the preferred method to control crime, chaos and public unrest without taking lives or escalating violence.

The effectiveness of the PepperBall® system has given new, safer options for authorities to maintain public safety. In more than 20 years of successful application, there have not been any reported fatalities or serious injuries. Not surprisingly, the use of PepperBall® devices has expanded into corrections facilities, border patrol, and private security.

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The security of our schools has become one of our most urgent public issues. The PepperBall® Protect program has been created to provide affordable, non-lethal protection for schools, churches and other public gathering places. Offering hardware, training and communication, the program is another layer of protections to keep our children and educators safe.

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We appreciate anyone who gives their time and skills to keep us safe. If you are trying to better yourself and those around you, we salute and thank you! The following people are eligible to apply and receive a $50 discount on our LifeLite® & TCP Launcher.

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