LifeLite Mobile


The PepperBall LifeLite® Mobile offers the right solution for a non-lethal approach to your personal protection and to protect your family when their safety is threatened.


Built on the success of the first generation, LifeLite® Mobile is designed to be more portable and convenient to transport or carry. Equipped with a dual LED flashlight and built-in PepperBall launcher, LifeLite® Mobile offers covert protection in plain sight. Designed to launch PepperBall® projectiles from as far as 40 feet away, the built-in laser guide helps the user find and hit the target with ease. 




Size 11-1/4" L x 2-5/16" W x 2-9/16" H
Weight 1.75 LBS
Lumen 350
Maximum Launch Distance 40 FT
Capacity 3 Rounds
Air Source 8g CO2
Recommended Operation Temperature 20℉ to 110℉

*For use with PepperBall® round projectiles only
*CO2 performance diminishes below 32℉

    Included In Package

    • 1 LifeLite® Mobile Launcher
    • 6 Live SD™ PepperBall® Projectiles 
    • 12 Inert Practice Projectiles
    • 3 8g CO2 Cartridges

    Use TCP/LifeLite Mobile Refill Kit