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The PepperBall MOBILE self-defense device is a portable and convenient choice for personal security. Lightweight yet effective, it requires no license, and shoots powerful pepper projectiles that spread a pepper cloud on impact, to help disable a threat from as far as 40 feet away


Equipped with an easy to use large trigger, dual LED flashlight and aiming laser, the MOBILE is perfect for home protection, walking at night or storing in smaller spaces on the go such as a glove box or backpack. Powered by compressed air, the MOBILE has no-recoil and is easy to load and operate.

The integrated laser point guide helps you find and hit your target with ease. A safety switch ensures that it will not fire until you are ready to shoot. 

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Size 9" L x 2-5/16" W x 2-9/16" H
Weight 1.40 LBS
Lumen 350
Maximum Launch Distance 40 FT
Capacity 3 Rounds
Air Source 8g CO2
Recommended Operation Temperature 20℉ to 110℉

*For use with PepperBall® round projectiles only
*CO2 performance diminishes below 32℉
*Not for use in CA, MA or NY. See the LifeLite State Compliant version

    Included In Package

    • 1 LifeLite® MOBILE Launcher
    • 6 Live SD™ PepperBall® Projectiles 
    • 12 Inert Practice Projectiles
    • 3 8g CO2 Cartridges

    Use TCP & MOBILE Round Projectile Refill Kit

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