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Preloaded and disposable, the Pepperball Compact is designed to be conveniently and quickly accessible. Stash it in your coat pocket, briefcase, book bag or glove box. The Compact easily goes where you go.


The Compact is a powerful Pepperball launcher that can be carried in your pocket. Preloaded and disposable, the Compact is designed to be convenient and quickly accessible. With a launch distance of up to 30 yards, the Compact reaches 3X the range of leading personal-sized pepper sprays.

Similar to our other Pepperball launchers, the Compact fires a projectile filled with pepper irritant. Upon impact, the pepperball bursts to release a potent pepper cloud that will quickly and effectively incapacitate a threat.



Size 6.9” L x 0.7” W x 1.65” H
Weight 1.5 OZ
Maximum Launch Distance 30 Yards
Capacity 1 Round
Air Source CO2
Recommended Operation Temperature 20℉ to 125℉
Kinetic Impact 7-14 Joules of Energy

*For use with PepperBall® round projectiles only
*CO2 performance diminishes below 32℉

    Included In Package

    • 1 Live X PepperBall® Projectile 
    • 1 CO2 Cartridges

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