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Fighting to End Child Trafficking

Each year, nearly 300,000 kids are sold into sex slavery. With each LifeLite™ sale, PepperBall supports the men and women of Phantom Rescue who risk their lives to liberate these children and eradicate this tragic injustice.

A ‘911 Force’ that prevents abductions & Rescues
children sold into Human Trafficking.

>PepperBall and Phantom Rescue

Phantom Rescue

Phantom Rescue is an elite group of former law enforcement officers, military professionals, government officials and business leaders that have come together for a single cause – the recovery of abducted children. Since 2007, Phantom Rescue has utilized Special Operations expertise, created a coalition of anti-trafficking organizations and established connections with state, federal and international authorities to perform successful extractions. In recent years, Phantom Rescue has stepped out of the shadows to also raise public awareness of child trafficking and promote its prevention through its Anti-Abduction Awareness programs.

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Taking an oath to protect and defend didn’t end for Tony when he retired from active duty in the military special forces. In many ways, his service was elite training for what he now considers his life’s mission. Infiltrating some of the most sophisticated underground networks, Tony’s rescue operations have taken him around the globe and into the darkest corners of the crime world.

These experiences have also taken him to Hollywood where he consulted on a number of movies including the block-buster film TAKEN. Tony and his team were the Technical Advisors to create the movies realistic abduction scenario and depict proper rescue tactics. He is currently working on another feature film documenting his on actual Missions called RESCUE.

Tony’s firsthand perspective not only provides a peek into the dangerous challenges he and his team encounter during child rescues, it explains how they have come to depend on the PepperBall LifeLite. With its covert design, potent range and non-lethal chemistry, the LifeLite has become Phantom Rescue’s primary tool in their fight against child trafficking.