Here are a few situations everyday people are using a PepperBall Launcher to protect themselves and the people they love.

Dog Walking

Taking protection with you is a lot easier when you can carry it in the open. LifeLite™ gives you accessible defense for you and your 4-legged friends.

RV Travel

Just like your RV, LifeLite™ is designed to go wherever you go.  It protects against outside threats and removes worry about firearm transportation or storage restrictions.

Commercial Trucking

When you’re living alone out of a rig, you want the ability to take care of yourself. LIfeLite™ provides potent force that complies with most corporate policies.

Personal Safety

You’re most vulnerable when you’re alone.  LifeLite™ is easily carried or stored in your bag or car so you never have to feel unprotected.


Nature is unpredictable.  If a wildlife encounter ever threatens your outing, LifeLite™ can be effectively used to ward off any danger.

Home Defense

LifeLite™ protects your home and the people in it with potent non-lethal protection, stored right where you need it.


Boating gives you the chance to get away from it all – It also can separate you from safety. LifeLite™ can be simply stowed aboard to protect from any salty situation.